Jewelry Sizing & Care



Most of our jewelry is plated. Plating is the process by which a piece of jewelry is coated with a thin layer of metal and achieved by electrolysis. The result affects the excluded color and not the texture of the object. The product of plating is not an alloy.

Is the color of the jewelry plating permanent?


The base of our plated jewelry is 925 silver. In order to maintain the color of the jewelry as much as possible, it needs some care and attention. Because the color of the plating wears out over time. We will tell you what to watch out for to slow down this wear and tear.

How to slow down the wear of plated jewelry?


The color of the plating is sensitive to abrasion, to the PH of the skin and over time this leaves the natural color of the metal visible. This is an inevitable process. To slow down the process of color wear it would be good to remove the jewelry when wearing perfume and body cream, when washing dishes, and when in contact with water.

Preservation of silver jewelry


The contact of silver with the atmosphere causes the natural process of oxidation in silver which is fortunately reversible. For a perfect restoration of oxidized (blackened) jewelry, it would be good to visit a silver and gold shop. You could also get special cleaning fluids and wipes that you can get from our store.

Jewelry storage


Ideally we recommend jewelry boxes and velvet cases.

Ring number 


In rings that are closed, knowledge of the number is essential. The most accurate way is to measure in a jewelry store with the help of a professional meter. A faster and more direct way to approach the accuracy of a professional meter is the size guide that can be found here.


Is the a case that jewelry is not the same as the photo?

KivotosJewelry jewelry is handmade, so it is humanly impossible to be identical to those in the photo and the slightest differences are due to their human construction factor.